About Us

In 1987 our company was established to license the Benetton brand in Egypt. We were the first company to introduce an international brand produced locally under license and retailed through full concept stores. The success was unmatched in the Egyptian market and gave us immediate market leadership in our industry. This success was followed through with the introduction of other international brands such as Naf Naf, Mexx and Daniel Hechter. All produced locally under license and distributed through a chain of retail shops throughout Egypt.

In 1991 we moved from outsourcing our production to establishing our own production facility giving us a strategic advantage in manufacturing our requirements in the local market as well as opening the door to the lucrative export markets.

In 2005 Egypt, for the first time in 50 years, under the GATT WTO agreement allowed the import of ready made garments opening up new opportunities. In order to take advantage of the new business environment we decided to split the company into two different entities CONSOLIDATED CASUALS LTD. was to be a manufacturing company focusing on production both for the local market and expanding into the export market with the advantage of the "Egyptian Cotton". CONSOLIDATED RETAIL LTD. was established as a retail company with the primary focus of expanding its brand base by obtaining more brands both imported and produced locally. Today we can comfortably state that Consolidated Casuals Ltd. is the best suited in the country to service the export market as well as the local one, due to its vast knowledge and technical expertise.